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Digital marketing for musicians is an ever-evolving landscape. We will help build optimal SMM strategies that fit any budget and talk to the right audience. 

Comprehensive campaigns tailored exclusively for a specific release such as an album, single, tour and/or merchandise. 

Cohesive career is essential for an artist's identity. I will help refine yours by developing a clear vision for both long and short-term trajectories. 

Knowing how to build and maintain an authentic online presence is key to success. I will help refine your artist 'brand' and storytelling to create a compelling narrative around future releases and your work in general.

What Our Clients Say

"Cereal Booking supported my band Lolo Lovina with social media and European tour support for our upcoming album launch and I couldn’t be more grateful! Lucija has a breadth of national and International musical knowledge that is born of formal education, coupled with her personal experiences of being a successful touring musician herself.We could not be more greatly appreciative of her generosity in sharing her precious connections in her sharply honed, personable and organised manner."
Sarah Bedak, Lolo Lovina (Australia)

Our Story


Lucija Ivšić

Croatian-born, Melbourne-based artist and music scene powerhouse with 15+ years experience in the industry.

As an artist myself, I understand the relentless hustle required and the transformative impact of a well-crafted strategy. I've channeled my vast experience into creating this agency, driven by the belief that success should be within reach for every musician, regardless of how 'niche' their genre may be. 

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