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Market Research

& Audience Analysis

Conducting market research to identify the artist's target audience and understand their preferences and behavior. Tailoring marketing strategies to reach and engage with the right demographics effectively.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Once we have determined your objectives, we will create custom audience pools, implement conversion tracking tools, and run ads.

Detailed Release 

Plan & Timeline

Planning and executing release strategies for singles, albums, music videos, and other creative content. Determining the best timing and promotional efforts to maximise exposure and engagement.

EPK & Press Release Development

How you present yourself to the local and international media outlets and potential festival bookers is of utmost importance. We help build and design your artist pitch deck, as well as an accompanying e-mail copy.


Tailored Social

Media Plan

After the initial assessment of the artist's current online presence we develop a comprehensive social media strategy to reach and engage with fans and potential new audiences. 


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